About David Brock Smith

David is a third generation resident and businessman of Southwest Oregon, who has been dedicated to public service for our communities and their residents over many years. He continues to advocate on our behalf, always with the mindset in public service of Working for YOU! 


David is the son of Frank and Bonnie (Hodge) Smith, who also grew up in Port Orford.  He has family throughout our Southwest Oregon District that many of you know and call friends.

   David learned the qualities of hard work at a very young age, as the son of a Naval LCDR, Mustang and growing up working in his family’s restaurant, the Port & Starboard in Port Orford. David’s Grandfather, Lester T. Smith built the Port and Starboard in 1970, after retiring from the Logging Industry, and his father Frank purchased it after retiring from a 27 year career in the Navy. David’s Granny, Era Smith, owned and operated the Drive In on the Old Highway in Port Orford, before delivering the mail for the USPS.  His Grandmother, Gladys Hodge, and Era were great friends.  They would quilt and work together at the Drive In and Port & Starboard Restaurant for many years.

   David graduated from Pacific High School and attended SOCC and SOU.  He saved and purchased his first home at the age of 21. After a career in the culinary industry in the Rogue Valley, he came back home to Port Orford and purchased the Port & Starboard from his parents.  It was then that David was asked by our communities and their residents, for him to begin his public service work for us. 

  David has been dedicated to us in public service and to preserving and growing the fish, farm, forestry, tourism and economic development industries and businesses that built our communities and provide jobs for our residents. His understanding as a small business owner and his work for us through his experience serving in various leadership roles over his six years in the Oregon House of Representatives, and having served years on the Chamber & School Board, as a Councilor, County Commissioner and other board and elected positions, will continue to give us a strong voice in Salem as our Senator.



Some of David's Public Service


“I am a firm supporter of local input and its role in the management of our resources, as I believe the best practice for resource management is one that is closest to the people. Our rural communities exist because of the resources that founded them. Responsible use of our fundamental natural resources and the health of their industries is critical to job creation, providing needed services to our residents, attracting new industries and growing our local economies and their tourism related businesses.”

Senator David Brock Smith

Thank you for your support and together,
we will build a better Oregon!



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