David continues to work on issues that are important to our residents. Here some videos of that work in the Oregon Legislature.








Below is a short video of David's testimony on a piece of Veteran's Legislation in February, HJR 202. This legislation (that successfully passed the Legislature and is now referred to the voters of the State this November as Measure 96) will amend the Oregon Constitution and allocate one and a half percent of the State Lottery proceeds to increased Veterans Services in our communities.

As the son of a twenty seven year LCDR, USN, Mustang, Retired, David has a deep respect and appreciation for the men and women of our armed forces. He has been dedicated to serving our Veterans to the best of his ability, through his years of public service. Many of our Veterans wrestle with adequate and timely medical care, assistance with forms for services, unemployment, housing and basic needs.  David has been a strong advocate in providing our Veterans with the resources and services they deserve.

There is a question and answer period after David's testimony. Representative Esquivel, as well as the rest of the committee, begin to have a better understanding of how David, and his colleague County Commissioners, struggle to provide these shared services to our residents without the adequate resources to do so.

There are a number of shared services that our Counties provide for the State to our residents. Veteran's Services is one very important shared service that is provided, out of many. The knowledge, experience and hands on implementation of how these shared services are provided to our residents over David's years as a Commissioner, has given him the proficiency to articulate these shared service issues to his fellow legislators. His work in these areas and others, has given him the tools to do the best job working for us as our next State Representative.


David understands the complex economic development issues and how they affect our industries, communities and their residents.  In this 2016 Coastal Caucus Economic Summit video, David addresses some positive work for our residents with the Cape Blanco Country Music Festival and his cooperative efforts to combat Sudden Oak Death, a tree disease that has devastating effects on our Wood Products Industries and the communities and families they support.



Economic Development is a crucial part of the work that David does for our Counties, Communities and their residents.  The video below looks at some of the economic development work that he is working on. It was filmed at the Oregon Coast Economic Summit, where David was invited to sit on an Economic Development Panel during the Conference.

Part of my work as a County Commissioner, Board Member for the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC), and the elected AOC District 4 Chair; representing Curry, Coos, Douglas, Josephine and Jackson Counties and their residents, is to supply testimony for or against legislation that affects our residents at the capital in Salem. My other elected positions with AOC have me and my colleagues working on the majority of the legislation being considered within the State as well.  This and other work on these important shared services to our residents, has assisted in preparing me to best represent you, as your next State Representative.

David Brock Smith


Thank you for your support and together, we will build a better Oregon.




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